I have been working with Blossoms and Grace and all of our lovely brides and grooms for about a year and a half and I must say I have loved every minute of it!  I first fell in love with weddings when I was 13 years old and my middle school art teacher let me help with hers, ever since then I just can’t get enough.  I am a student working on my Business degree with a specialty in small business and entrepreneurship.  When I’m not planning weddings or taking classes you can find me snuggling up with my fur babies, baking or trying new foods, painting, or re watching Gilmore Girls.


I have a favorite dessert for each season!

Summer: Strawberry Shortcake

Fall: Cinnamon Brown Sugar cheesecake bars

Winter: Gingersnap cookies

Spring: Ice cream!

Favorite song to dance to: Taylor Swift - Shake it Off


The one place I want to travel most in the world is Switzerland!